About us

Hi there, thank you for visiting our blog!

We are Willem and Karin, both born and raised in the Netherlands. We met each other during a trip through Mexico and not even a year later we made a beautiful road trip through Australia. We had so much fun!

One year after our Australia trip, in 2014, we moved abroad. We exchanged the cold and rainy Dutch weather for sun and blue skies in the city of Durham located in North Carolina on the East Coast of the United States.

Here we lived according to ‘The American Dream’, which in reality only means working your behind off (they always seem to forget to mention this…). The American Dream is definitely not our thing: with only two weeks of vacation time, it’s impossible to see the world! Luckily we created some great opportunities and we were able to see more of this beautiful country and even some other parts of the world.

In spring of 2018, we moved again. No, we didn’t go back home. We were hungry for new adventures. Willem found a job in the heart of South-East Asia: Singapore! We love living in Singapore every single day. There is so much to see and do, it’s incredible!

On our website you can follow our adventures as we write about our travels and living in Singapore. We provide examples of road trips, travel tips and personal travel blogs.

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